Barrow Of The Forgotten King

Session 7
All good things come to an end...

Nursing their wounds after being covered in vile decaying goop from the last engagement, the party healed themselves up to continue to the bowels of the tomb.

Entering a vast regal like room, they encountered a slightly manic man in full crown and regalia atop a throne. After conducting a brief conversation with the party he revealed his true form, attacking the brave band as his skin peeled back from his face revealing a foul monstrous being. Bringing to his command two mounted skeletal lancers, the band fought a desperate battle – the low level of self control that Tethar possessed again working against the group, as the pretender to the throne exploited Tethars weak mind to attack the rest of the group again and again, until Mollywick fortified him with some divine help. Soon after, the battle was won and as usual it became a free-for-all to find treasure. In searching for treasure, sounds of metal against stone were heard, leading the party to discover a secret door leading down to the real tomb of the king.

Down the windy stairs the party went, with Arrim bravely (and stealthily) taking the lead. Rounding the corner Arrim noticed a Yuan-ti sorcerer with it's back to them overseeing a goblin fighter hard at work trying to widen a hole. Unsheathing his shiny axes, Arrim leapt upon the unsuspecting Yuan-ti, dealing significant sneak-attack damage. With lightening reflexes though, the Yuan-ti spun and threw down an ornament which instantly transformed into a large snake like being. Unfortunately for brave Arrim, after coming under multiple attacks within that first round, including an Acid Arrow, he succumbed to his wounds – his life force ebbing out part way through the battle…. His last thoughts being of his family back home… would they ever forgive him?... He hoped so…..

Doing away with the rest of the enemies, the party were confronted with the ghostly presence of the real king, in which he presented them with an exceptional blade with a legacy, and informed them of his foretold return, with the need to recapture his stolen remains in order to enable this – this story too may well be told…….

Fun end to the campaign folks!

Session XP = 1,675 + 200 role play

Session 6
Incy Wincy Spider(s)....

Egged on by the charismatic keeper of the waterfall, the intrepid party ventured carefully forward to dispatch the beasties within. Immediately they encountered swarms of red spiders, as well as some sort of mummy filled with spiders – much girlish shrieking was heard from Nestor as he succumbed to the onslaught and subsequent strangely botched healing from Mollywick, before the rest of the party finally managed to finish them off. Retreating back to Sigur at the waterfall, they left Nestor unconscious to search the room.

A sudden movement on the corner of a cobweb bundle caught eagle eyed Tethar, who spun around with wicked speed to immediately 'unleash hell' in the form of a sickening blast upon the suspicious creature, only to be subjected to a stream of foul Dwarven curses insulting such varied things as Tethar's mother, his weight and his spider breath….  Brietag the Dwarf was found, unwrapped, introduced and welcomed to the party. He filled in the party about some of the goings on, and seemed quite concerned about the whereabouts of the 'big spider'...

Barley allowed to catch their breath, the party soon found out, and fought a valiant engagement with a giant spider before it attempted to scuttle off only to be finished off by Sigur at the waterfall.

After taking well needed healing from Sigur, the entire party continued deeper into the structure, passing through wondrous rooms filled with magical lights, sounds and mystical moving images before stumbling into a room with two mighty undead. Mollywick immediately flexed her divine powers and turned one of them, while Xavice ungainly flailed around the small room having made himself 30% larger. Turning their attention to the still fighting putrid corpse, the party swiftly cut him down before it self exploded – covering almost everyone in putrefying stinking remains. Swiftly dispatching the remaining undead creature, the spent party decided to beat a hasty retreat to the safety of Sigur and his waterfall to lick their wounds and recharge before the last push into the structure – what will they find?

Fun night everyone, engagement xp's = 1,475, and 200xp role play (assuming you were there… Tony..) comes to 1,675xp total for the. evening.

By my calculations, this should now put everyone more or less at 7,619 xp (+/- a few depending upon role play) – Giggidy… time for level up!


Session 5
Ragnor the Great travels to Valhalla

XP's gained: 858xp each for combat, and 200 each for roleplay

Synopsis below;

Exiting the magical maze, the group stumbled across a repentant member of the band of robbers at the bottom of a pit trap, who told them some information;

What are you doing here?
"I learned of the expedition to this tomb from Teryl, an associate of mine, and he let me have a place in the party. I didn't know what I was getting into."

Who are the tomb robbers?
"A man named Xeron leads the tomb robbers, but a hobgoblin priest of Hextor also has some clout. Xeron is some sort of arcanist— he's also young, intense, and without mercy. To be honest, he scares me, and I've tried to keep from attracting much notice until I could escape from his band of cutthroats. He's looking for something
deeper in the catacombs, and only his personal magnetism has kept the tomb robbers from escaping with the treasure they've found already. He thinks someone is bound to be pursuing him by now, though, and has talked about finding a different exit from the tomb rather than the hole we dug to come in.
"The hobgoblin cleric—Krootad, they call him—elected to stay behind and take care of the pursuit. You must have already run across him. He wouldn't shirk when it comes to raising the dead and the possibility of killing decent folk.
"I think the remaining tomb robbers are nothing more than servants and hirelings, though most seem reasonably loyal to Xeron. Supposing nobody fell in the next room, he still has Teryl, a few more varags, three hobgoblin warriors, a halfling male I think is a sorcerer, and a nasty goblin female. We left a several goblinoids and
undead behind us, as well as some of Xeron's twisted pets. Many members of our band have died in the run through this place."

But you're part of that band of murderers!
"And I'm ashamed, but what could I do? Once I fell in with them, I was afraid they'd kill me if I tried to leave! I'm a coward, but I didn't help murder those poor people in the mausoleum. "Yes, I didn't try to stop the murder, but how would my death have helped? I just came along to see a bit of ancient history. You didn't revive me just
so I could hang for witnessing the crimes of Xeron's thugs, did you? Please have some compassion "

What do you want to do now?
"I want to get out of this place. Xeron said a waterfall lies just ahead. I think it leads outside. I'm afraid of those automatons, though, but maybe they're dead … er… destroyed."

Around the corner, the party encountered some magic constructs that luckily had already been damaged by the robbers previously – some of the robber party had not been so lucky and their corpses littered the ground. Nestor found an untriggered pit trap in the most unfortunate way.

Onwards over jumbled piles of rocks, the parrty continued toward the increasing noise of a waterfall, stumbling head-first in a robber encampment of three supernaturally quick creatures. In short succession Tethar suffered a single bow shot, dropping him to floor unconcious and Ragnor suffered rapid multiple scimtar strikes.

The great Ragnor – his life force ebbing into pools around his feet, shrugged off wounds that would long since have felled lesser men. Knowing full well that he had little chance of survival, swallowed down a brief urge to retreat in the face of his daunting opponent – gritted his bloodied teeth, summoned a last surge of strength and called down for the great Odin to look kindly upon him in the next life… after which he was heard to mutter;
"To-day we are gold, To-morrow mould!"

The rest of the foul robbers with cut down and a brief period of mourning was held for the brave Ragnor.

Onwards the group pressed, coming to the waterfall and meeting Sigur – a protector of the waterfalls – a ruggedly handsome man, clad in a shirt of shimmering mail. His silvery hair cascaded over his shoulders in ringlets. A trim beard rounded out his face, accented by a silver chain around his neck. Women swooned, men were envious, and Tethar was just grumpy ;-P

Sigur healed the band and offered to heal them again if they brought back evidence of killing the foul spider in the next area.

With trepidation, the brave party opened the next door, to be confronted by a swarm of red fist sized spiders, and a web enshrouded mummy… a battle ensued, and the outcome shall be revealed…. next session.

Session 4

After leveling up, the party bravely continued through the eerie dark cavern with a flying strangling beastie, navigated the magical maze and deftly avoided the dark pool containing huge leeches with nary a suck (Arrim excepted!)

 A session light on engagements, but heavy on problem solving – next session back to the killin' !!

XP = 250 engagements + 300 role = 550 XP ea


updated map in the map section


Session 3

Braving wondrous water serpents, ferral fiends and filthy undead, the intrepid adventurers plough ever deeper into the catacombs beneath Kingsholms' cemetary…. into places unknown even to the villagers themselves

Another great session. You all get 1750 XP for battles, and another 250 for some cool roleplaying

By my calcs, you should all have enough to level up next time you rest :-)

Session 2

Deeper the brave adventurers trekked…..

Deeper and deeper into the long forgotten catacombs that lay beneath the well kept cemetary of Kingsholm – stumbling upon evidence of (and dispatching with bloody prejudice)  recent visitors that came not from the direction that you came from….. where will it all lead? Who, or what is behind it all? Why?

Good session folks – Another 600xp for the engagements and working through the sabotaged bridge, and a hefty 200 xp each for role-playing. I think you are all filling out your characters nicely…. especially Jason D whose caveman schtick with the lower jaw jutting out kinda suits him :-)

Session 1

A maiden was saved, heads were lopped, ale was drunk, wolf was eaten, and you are on your way towards freeing the good village of Kingsholm from evil.

XP for the 2 encounters and puzzle solving are;
436 xp each + 100 roleplaying bonus each


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