Barrow Of The Forgotten King

Session 7

All good things come to an end...

Nursing their wounds after being covered in vile decaying goop from the last engagement, the party healed themselves up to continue to the bowels of the tomb.

Entering a vast regal like room, they encountered a slightly manic man in full crown and regalia atop a throne. After conducting a brief conversation with the party he revealed his true form, attacking the brave band as his skin peeled back from his face revealing a foul monstrous being. Bringing to his command two mounted skeletal lancers, the band fought a desperate battle – the low level of self control that Tethar possessed again working against the group, as the pretender to the throne exploited Tethars weak mind to attack the rest of the group again and again, until Mollywick fortified him with some divine help. Soon after, the battle was won and as usual it became a free-for-all to find treasure. In searching for treasure, sounds of metal against stone were heard, leading the party to discover a secret door leading down to the real tomb of the king.

Down the windy stairs the party went, with Arrim bravely (and stealthily) taking the lead. Rounding the corner Arrim noticed a Yuan-ti sorcerer with it's back to them overseeing a goblin fighter hard at work trying to widen a hole. Unsheathing his shiny axes, Arrim leapt upon the unsuspecting Yuan-ti, dealing significant sneak-attack damage. With lightening reflexes though, the Yuan-ti spun and threw down an ornament which instantly transformed into a large snake like being. Unfortunately for brave Arrim, after coming under multiple attacks within that first round, including an Acid Arrow, he succumbed to his wounds – his life force ebbing out part way through the battle…. His last thoughts being of his family back home… would they ever forgive him?... He hoped so…..

Doing away with the rest of the enemies, the party were confronted with the ghostly presence of the real king, in which he presented them with an exceptional blade with a legacy, and informed them of his foretold return, with the need to recapture his stolen remains in order to enable this – this story too may well be told…….

Fun end to the campaign folks!

Session XP = 1,675 + 200 role play



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