Barrow Of The Forgotten King

Session 6

Incy Wincy Spider(s)....

Egged on by the charismatic keeper of the waterfall, the intrepid party ventured carefully forward to dispatch the beasties within. Immediately they encountered swarms of red spiders, as well as some sort of mummy filled with spiders – much girlish shrieking was heard from Nestor as he succumbed to the onslaught and subsequent strangely botched healing from Mollywick, before the rest of the party finally managed to finish them off. Retreating back to Sigur at the waterfall, they left Nestor unconscious to search the room.

A sudden movement on the corner of a cobweb bundle caught eagle eyed Tethar, who spun around with wicked speed to immediately 'unleash hell' in the form of a sickening blast upon the suspicious creature, only to be subjected to a stream of foul Dwarven curses insulting such varied things as Tethar's mother, his weight and his spider breath….  Brietag the Dwarf was found, unwrapped, introduced and welcomed to the party. He filled in the party about some of the goings on, and seemed quite concerned about the whereabouts of the 'big spider'...

Barley allowed to catch their breath, the party soon found out, and fought a valiant engagement with a giant spider before it attempted to scuttle off only to be finished off by Sigur at the waterfall.

After taking well needed healing from Sigur, the entire party continued deeper into the structure, passing through wondrous rooms filled with magical lights, sounds and mystical moving images before stumbling into a room with two mighty undead. Mollywick immediately flexed her divine powers and turned one of them, while Xavice ungainly flailed around the small room having made himself 30% larger. Turning their attention to the still fighting putrid corpse, the party swiftly cut him down before it self exploded – covering almost everyone in putrefying stinking remains. Swiftly dispatching the remaining undead creature, the spent party decided to beat a hasty retreat to the safety of Sigur and his waterfall to lick their wounds and recharge before the last push into the structure – what will they find?

Fun night everyone, engagement xp's = 1,475, and 200xp role play (assuming you were there… Tony..) comes to 1,675xp total for the. evening.

By my calculations, this should now put everyone more or less at 7,619 xp (+/- a few depending upon role play) – Giggidy… time for level up!




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