Barrow Of The Forgotten King

Session 2

Deeper the brave adventurers trekked…..

Deeper and deeper into the long forgotten catacombs that lay beneath the well kept cemetary of Kingsholm – stumbling upon evidence of (and dispatching with bloody prejudice)  recent visitors that came not from the direction that you came from….. where will it all lead? Who, or what is behind it all? Why?

Good session folks – Another 600xp for the engagements and working through the sabotaged bridge, and a hefty 200 xp each for role-playing. I think you are all filling out your characters nicely…. especially Jason D whose caveman schtick with the lower jaw jutting out kinda suits him :-)


Thats it, my half orc intends to track down a reputable orthodontist at his earliest convenience. He may even need braces its to hard to tell without a professional opinion.

Session 2

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